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Intercultural Communication

Some of you know that I have a degree in Communication Studies. The two areas of Communication Studies that I’m most interested are Rhetoric/Public Affairs and Intercultural Communication. Some of the information here may be more theoretical than practical, but I believe it’s important to understand the theory behind the practice.

American Idioms

American Idioms-Handout

Communication Across Cultures

Cultural Competency

Cultural Competency-Handout

Cultural Re-Entry

Culture Shock PPT

Generational Resources

Generations Chart

Information Request (Game)

Intercultural Communication

Personal Cultural Universal 2008

Region V Highlight What’s Up with the Korean Language and Culture

Region V Highlight-Overcoming Arab Stereotypes

Religion and the Muslim International Student

Small Residential Colleges Researching International Student Issues

Speaking Their Language

Speaking Their Language-PPT

Start Dialogues on Islam and Coexistence Using Film

TCFF-Intercultural Learning

The Form 2008 (Game)

Thinking Outside the Book-Accessing the World Through Words

Toolbox for Cultural Change

Toothpicks 2008 (Game)

Uncomfy in a Crowd

Facework and Successful Communication in Intercultural E-mail, Text, and Facebook Slides

Facework and Successful Communication in Intercultural E-mail, Text, and Facebook Handout

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