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International Naming Conventions presentation

on March 17, 2016

International naming conventions are different around the globe, and this was something that I had to learn along the way when I began in international education in 2003. No one told me what the conventions were, and it was very difficult to try and match up records with application files until I did learn them. I added this presentation to the required training for any new international evaluator on our team, and it seems to be helpful for them. I decided to share this presentation with my NAFSA colleagues. I presented this session at the NAFSA Texas State Meeting at Texas Tech University on 4 March 2016. Here is the handout: International Naming Conventions_NAFSA TX State Mtg 2016_Notes View. The video of the presentation rehearsal I did the day before the meeting is available on YouTube here: Link to “International Naming Conventions” rehearsal video.

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