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France Accreditation Cheat Sheet

Determining recognition/accreditation in France can be challenging. My friend and colleague Amanda Shoaf Morrison from Scholaro recently posted her France Accreditation cheat sheet on the TAICEP listserv, and she has graciously given me permission to share it on this site. Amanda succinctly explains that accreditation in France is programmatic and what credential evaluators should look for when trying to determine if a program is accredited. I fully admit that I still occasionally get baffled with French accreditation, so I find this document SO HELPFUL and refer it to whenever I need some guidance. Merci, mon ami!

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Overview of Education in the Holy See

I prepared an overview of education in the Holy See for the Association of International Credential Evaluators’ monthly forum today. A copy of the PDF handout is available. The practice video is available here:

Additionally, I created a short video to review an affiliated major seminary transcript/ecclesiastical faculty diploma credential and how to determine recognition. You can access that video here:

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Determining Policy on Electronic Credentials

I will present this session at the 2022 NAFSA Texas State Meeting later today. This is the session description: COVID-19 has had many impacts on higher education. One of these is the ability to receive official international documents from overseas due to school and postal delays/closures. Many schools now want to send documents electronically. This can range from something like retrieving documents from an electronic portal to receiving email attachments which may be sent directly from an institution, which can cause concern about the safety and authenticity of the credential. This session will provide an overview of best practices on electronic credentials and tips to develop or update your policy on receiving electronic credentials, using Walden University’s Global Transcript Evaluation Team’s policy as an example.

Below are the slide deck and handout PDFs. A link to the practice recording of the session is here: Since this is not a video from the actual presentation, it does not include any questions. If there are any questions during the live presentation, I will add a Q&A summary as soon as I can.

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AMENDED: Education in Mexico slide deck and handout from TAICEP 2021 Virtual Conference

As promised in November during our live session, Barbara, Ena, and I have made some slight edits to correct some typos. These are a little later than anticipated, but thank you for your patience – we think it was worth the wait!

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La Educación en México: Una Breve Guía Para Evaluadores de Credenciales (Education in Mexico-A Brief Guide for Credential Evaluators)

My colleagues Ena Chaisson from MacEwan University and Barbara Glave from SDR Education Consultants and I will present a session at the TAICEP 2021 Annual Conference entitled “La Educación en México: Una Breve Guía Para Evaluadores de Credenciales (Education in Mexico-A Brief Guide for Credential Evaluators)”. Attached are our PowerPoint slide deck and a reference guide we created to accompany the presentation. We hope that this reference guide helps you as you evaluate Mexican credentials! Please contact Ena, Barbara or me if we can provide any additional information or assistance.

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Sample Admissions Policy – Cearley College

I created a sample admissions policy (Cearley College OP Sample) for the fictitious Cearley College.

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International Naming Conventions presentation

International naming conventions are different around the globe, and this was something that I had to learn along the way when I began in international education in 2003. No one told me what the conventions were, and it was very difficult to try and match up records with application files until I did learn them. I added this presentation to the required training for any new international evaluator on our team, and it seems to be helpful for them. I decided to share this presentation with my NAFSA colleagues. I presented this session at the NAFSA Texas State Meeting at Texas Tech University on 4 March 2016. Here is the handout: International Naming Conventions_NAFSA TX State Mtg 2016_Notes View. The video of the presentation rehearsal I did the day before the meeting is available on YouTube here: Link to “International Naming Conventions” rehearsal video.

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Handout for “How to Read an Academic Credential” Session (NAFSA Region 3 2014)

The file turned out to be an extremely large one because of all the image files, but here is the handout to my NAFSA 2014 Region 3 Session: How to Read an Academic Credential. I hope it’s readable and usable! 🙂

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FECA Workshop – Supplemental Resources & Reference Materials

FOR Supplemental Resources_Reference Materials

This is the resources document that Barbara referred to during our workshop. Thanks to Nancy Katz for putting this list together!

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Foreign Educational Credential Analysis Workshop – Additional Resource

Hello, workshop participants! I hope that you find the materials in your workbook to be helpful. Hopefully you got a printout of the Ministries of Education list during the workshop. However, below is a copy in PDF format as well. Thanks to Barbara Glave and the folks at Credential Consultants, Inc, for sharing!

MOE resource list 5-21-14

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