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Determining Policy on Electronic Credentials

on March 31, 2022

I will present this session at the 2022 NAFSA Texas State Meeting later today. This is the session description: COVID-19 has had many impacts on higher education. One of these is the ability to receive official international documents from overseas due to school and postal delays/closures. Many schools now want to send documents electronically. This can range from something like retrieving documents from an electronic portal to receiving email attachments which may be sent directly from an institution, which can cause concern about the safety and authenticity of the credential. This session will provide an overview of best practices on electronic credentials and tips to develop or update your policy on receiving electronic credentials, using Walden University’s Global Transcript Evaluation Team’s policy as an example.

Below are the slide deck and handout PDFs. A link to the practice recording of the session is here: Since this is not a video from the actual presentation, it does not include any questions. If there are any questions during the live presentation, I will add a Q&A summary as soon as I can.

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